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India is one of a leading destination in medical tourism including IVF and many other forms of assisted reproductive technology. While most other countries have small individual practices or provide IVF treatment within their general health services, IVF Treatment in India has a well-defined specialist sector that continually invests in advanced treatment technology. This allows us to offer our services to patients who live overseas.


Indian culture usually calls for early age marriages with children born soon thereafter; thus most women are in mid 20’s when they wish to become surrogates.

India and Surrogacy Laws: The first ICMR guidelines in India were released in 2002. In October 2008 the Supreme Court stated that Commercial surrogacy is legal and an industry in India. Surrogacy laws in India are much lenient as compared to other countries. In the U.S, most of the states have their own state laws regarding the legality of surrogacy, while in Canada Commercial surrogacy was prohibited in 2004. In Australia, commercial surrogacy is a criminal offense. Even in countries where commercial surrogacy exists, legal entanglements usually make it quite tough for the parents to carry back home the surrogate baby.


The most important reason for India as having emerged as a popular choice is the low expenditure involved. India surrogacy clinics charge roughly a third of the price compared to a surrogacy procedure in a western country.


Indian culture doesn’t permit women to smoke, drink or use drugs. Surrogate mothers and egg donors are psychologically counseled and contracts are signed that they will not take any of these substances during the pregnancy.

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