Conceiving Miracles Spreading Hope


I visited this clinic after 3 x failed IUI and 1 x failed IVF. I was told I had “unexplained infertility” although had successfully (and easily) conceived my first child.The attitude of Dr Richika was personal and caring. I felt like what I said mattered and that I was listened to (unlike at the fertility centre where I had previously been treated).We worked together to find the cause of my problem and after 3 years of trying to conceive, we were pregnant within 3 months. I am now the proud mother !! I couldn’t recommend their service more highly.’
Dear Dr Richika,
I am truly blessed to have found your clinic. Everyone there has been so wonderful and has treated us so kindly and professionally throughout the entire IVF process. I’ve always felt so confident that I was in the BEST hands. The level of expertise, quality of the lab, professionalism, and personal care at your clinic was beyond my expectations, and far superior to any level of medical service/quality that I have ever received . Especially at the fertility clinics , where you feel that you are just a number in a line of many, where personal care is minimal, and response time is slow. We were greeted so warmly at our arrival, and that continued throughout our time there. I never had a doubt that I had the best chances of getting pregnant at your clinic than any other place in the world. When I saw that positive pregnancy test a couple of days ago, I was in shock. I am so happy, excited, and most of all triumphant. Thank you so much for helping me to feel like this. After 3 yrs and 9 months of trying, four failed IUIs, for the first time in my life, I’m pregnant! I’m hoping the good news continues, but whatever happens, you have made me feel whole, and have given me the confidence that I can get pregnant.
We will always remember you and will always be grateful.
Thank you,

Suvarna Jha, Nepal   

I know its part of your day to day, but my vocabulary is not big enough to underscore the importance of the work you do and did for us.Thank you for your encouragement balanced with patience. Thank you for your caliber of work . Thank you for your patient explanations and genuine enthusiasm. And, of course, thank you for getting us here. You offer confidence, deep information, peace of mind and hope.
Thank you so much,

Shalini & Sonu,Noida   

“India IVF Fertility Clinic is a very special place full of very special people. Let’s be honest, patients don’t want to be there – dealing with infertility issues is difficult for both men and women struggling to have a child. Dr Richika is kind, selfless and will seemingly do everything they can to make sure you, the patient, are comfortable. I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Richika undergoing IUI treatments. Dr. Richika made both my husband and I feel comfortable and answered any questions we had about treatments. She spent the time explaining what we should do in our next steps and why. I have worked with many doctors and I felt like she listened to me and my concerns, I wasn’t just a number. Each time I had to go in she was always kind and more importantly did a wonderful job putting me at ease during an regularly uncomfortable visit. I looked forward to seeing her . She’s amazing! As I said, going to the fertility clinic can be difficult and trying but they do a great job. I would recommend them to any one of my friends or family members going through the same or similar uphill battle we did to conceive. ”

Ruchi from Delhi   

“Dr. Richika, every once in awhile you meet someone that changes your life, a teacher, a friend, or even a doctor. You have been all three to us over the last 1 year. We always felt that we were in the best hands and honestly always looked forward to seeing you and learning from you. We admire your dedication and passion to your field. We are so excited to share our birth announcement with you and your team. Thank you for helping us to become a family.”

Sunita & shyambahadur ,panchgaon   

If you are considering any fertility related treatment I would definitely recommend Dr Richika & India IVF Fertility. I’m keeping hopeful and fingers crossed will become preggers again! Best of luck to all of you who read this”

Usha & Alok,Rewari   

After having an ectopic pregnancy, I had surgery to remove the damaged tube. The physician discovered that my other fallopian tube was malformed, I was told the chances of me having another ectopic were high. So, I was referred to Dr Richika & India IVF clinic. she was always positive and reassuring . We continued to try new things and with her care and knowledge, I have my beautiful 3 month old miracle baby. My doctor is a wonderful, caring doctor. Without this, I don’t know if I would have continued. The IVF nurses and entire staff were wonderful. I never felt like I was alone in this process. Thank you to Dr. Richika and the IVF team at India IVF clinic!

Pakhi from Gurgaon   

Over the past several months we have come to respect both you and your organization. You treated us as people instead of another faceless number in the waiting room. You were sensitive to our medical, emotional and financial needs. And, in some strange way, were going to miss coming to your clinic.

Purnima & Naresh, Gurgaon   

As anyone reading this will know, infertility is an emotional roller coaster that can leave you feeling beyond frustrated. Dr Richika at India IVF clinic made this journey so much easier. From the moment we met her, she made us feel comfortable. She is compassionate, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable. It is very difficult to laugh in a situation like this, but she had a way of cheering us up on the dreariest days, but never at our expense. As you will see when you start meeting her, she is extremely busy. She has to meet with hundreds of patients each week. We were always surprised that she remembered us and even remembered points of our last conversation, following up on a joke that she may have made a week or so ago. She talks to you as if he were your friend or relative. She tells you what she would do if she were in our situation. We listened to all of her advice and after several grueling years of infertility, we are now 15 weeks pregnant with triplets! It was an odd feeling leaving India IVF clinic. They helped us through one of the most challenging parts of our life and we cannot wait to bring the babies by to meet the staff that helped to bring them into the world. ”

Kanchi from Singapore   

Dr Richika is very flexible and she adjust her schedules to meet your needs. She is sensitive to your personal and financial situation. I had IVF and am happy to say I am 15 weeks and it is all thanks to Dr Richika and India IVF! My case felt hopeless, but she gave me hope! ”

Kavita & Ashok, Gurgaon   

I visited with Dr. Richika. My Husband and I were very pleased with our visit. She was very warm and made you feel comfortable. We both agreed with her plan, since we do already have a child together. I am excited and look forward to our future with India IVF fertility clinic.”

Ritu & Jigesh, Sonepat   

“It’s impossible to express how grateful we are to you for this miracle. We feel so fortunate that we were able to be under your care. You are all remarkable.”

Somwati & Kailash, Mahendragarh   

I hadn't realized how comfortable Id become with you, and how confident I was with the care you'd provided me. I always looked forward to visits, probably because you all seemed to care about me as well as my condition.

Punam & Srinivas, Gurgaon   

“After 4 miscarriages, my husband and I were ready to give up before we decided to seek a second opinion with another specialist. Dr Richika came highly recommended to us and we never regretted our decision to see her. Without her help, we would not be blessed with our 2 beautiful babys. The staff at India IVF clinic are amazingly supportive and selfless. They were so open with us and truly felt like family. I called alot and Dr Richika always took time to answer my questions and make me feel better and confident. They are the best!

Nisha from Bangalore   

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of starting a family. We feel very fortunate to have been under your care for our treatment and we appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and the caring office staff.
We look forward to bringing the baby in to meet you next year!

Sudha & Radheyshyam,Gurgaon   

My husband and I first met with Dr. Richika in November 2013. After she looked through my medical history, he said very confidently he’d have us pregnant very soon…. And she was exactly right!! From day one, she was extremely supportive, caring and always available. The nurses took great care of me when I experienced some health issues after IVF. They nurtured me through a tough time and I can’t thank them enough. Dr. Richika is the best. She is attentive, caring and very personable. She made us feel comfortable and always explained things in detail. She always gave us exceptional care and service. We had a successful IVF in February!! First IVF cycle too!! In April we bid farewell for now but on my way out, Dr. Richika and nurses all hugged me and congratulated me! They nurtured us through a storm for a few months and for that we are forever grateful.

Swati from Pune   

Just a note to thank you for all the extra effort, care, and concern you showed each and every day. I don't think you realize the difference you make by doing more than just your job. Not only did I achieve my dream of getting pregnant, but we were able to do it surrounded by a great group of people who really cared. Thank You!

Tripti & Rajesh,Gurgaon   

We have been to many IVF centers in the past 12 years of our infertility journey, and the India IVF fertility clinic far surpasses anything we’ve ever seen!

Heena & Shahjahan,Lucknow   

Word can’t express how grateful we are for everything you have done in helping us achieve the greatest gift ever, our baby ! We feel very fortunate and blessed to have used you and your clinic. From the expertise, professionalism, to caring staff, we feel very grateful and fortunate. You are the best!”

Ankita & Ajay, Panipat   

We would highly recommend Dr Richika & India IVF fertility clinic to anyone! We could not be happier with Dr. Richika and her staff. They all have showed compassion and care throughout this whole process. Dr. Richika started with a plan and made sure we were comfortable. They are very accommodating and we were lucky to have success early on. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Richika.

Prema& Anand,Bangalore   

Love you guys thanks Dr Richika and the whole team . The six months I was there, and it went with ease due to the friendliness of the staff. Thanks a lot. Our baby ,baby was born on 18th August .”

Poonam & Rahul,Delhi   

You are more than doctors, nurses and medical professionals to us, you are heart-menders, hope-builders and dream-makers! You will always be a precious part of our story and special people that started our baby's life journey!"

Sonika & Amit, Vasant kunj, New Delhi   

“After six years of infertility we came to you with low hope to have a child. We felt empty as we always wanted a family. We put our trust in you that somehow you would help us overcome this incredible battle. You gave us inspiration, support and love along the way. Then our miracle happened and we became pregnant. After having our precious baby for two years of course we hoped we would somehow get pregnant again on our own but didn’t. Although we were fulfilled, we didn’t want to give up the chance to be a complete family with a sibling if possible so we turned back to you. Not as desperate this time, but still scared we were giving it one more try. Amazingly, you performed a miracle again and this time with twins! This is more than we could have EVER hoped for. It’s actually what we wanted before we knew we had infertility! We cannot thank you enough for helping us have the family that we ALWAYS dreamed of!”

Aparna & Vivek, Gurgaon   

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for almost a year with no luck. Dr. Richika assured us she would do her best to get us pregnant and almost guaranteed a pregnancy. I was diagnosed with PCOS and my husband’s count and motility were very low. We tried 3 rounds of IUI with no luck. Dr. Richika recommended my husband get a surgery that would possibly help his count and motility. 6 weeks after his surgery they tested him and his numbers had tripled! Once he was heeled from his surgery and we weren’t really trying I went back to Dr. Richika to start everything back up and they drew my blood. They told me due to my levels there was a possibility I was pregnant and I went back a few days later and it was confirmed I was pregnant! Now I have a beautiful little baby thanks to Dr. Richika!

Shikha from Noida   

Thank you for being the perfect doctor for me I thought my treatment was pretty stressful, I firmly believe you are probably the best instinct I ever had. Thanks again. our family, our friends, and I are truly grateful!

Chandni & Roop Kumar,Manesar   

Success Stories

After a history of painful, heavy periods and having had an ovary removed, Priyanka was diagnosed with endometriosis. Because her remaining fallopian tube was blocked, the only chance she and her husband had of conceiving was through IVF.

Priyanka’s condition meant that fertility treatment was very painful but luckily it was successful first time and she had twins. Priyanka tells their story.


"From the age of 17 or 18, I had very bad periods. At 21, I had emergency surgery for appendicitis and awoke to discover I had also had an ovary removed, due to a large cyst. Although I had a histology (examination with a microscope of tissue removed during surgery), endometriosis (a condition in which endometrial cells, which normally line the uterus, implant around the outside of the uterus and/or ovaries, causing internal bleeding, pain and reduced fertility) was not diagnosed until much later.

"Taking medication to suppress the endometriosis seemed to have no effect. After six months I had surgery with a specialist in endometriosis. The doctor then induced menopause for two years."

Treatment time

"After a year and a half of our marriage, my husband and I took consultation from Dr Richika in India IVF clinic where she reviewed our case thoroughly for an hour and then advised some tests to see what our potential was to conceive. One of the tests showed that my one remaining fallopian tube was completely blocked, so we knew that IVF was our only chance of conceiving. My husband had a sperm test, which was fine. she started daily injections to stimulate egg production. We went to our treatment centre to have the eggs removed, and three days later we went back to have two of the embryos transferred.

"Two weeks later a blood test showed that my hormone level was “very high”, which meant I was pregnant. I was ecstatic, and we just couldn’t believe it had worked the first time.

"Three weeks later we had a scan and the clinic said it was twins! We waited until after my 12th week, had another scan, and told everyone our news.

"My pregnancy was uneventful, and was followed by a planned c-section, as the first baby was breech, at 37 weeks. I gave birth to twins.

Priyanka’s story   

Now in their mid-thirties, sunita and her husband had many tests but the cause of their infertility remains unexplained. They began their treatment with IUI and went on to try two IVF cycles.

Sunita is now pregnant. Here she tells their story.

Treatment time

"We began with basic tests by our gynecologist and further tests at our fertility clinic. These all came back fine, so we had IUI done.

"As this was unsuccessful, we embarked on our first IVF cycle in November 2009. Despite eight eggs being collected, none were fertilised and so no embryo transferred . We had to pay for the full price of the IVF even though we did not get to transfer and also we had a lot of drugs this round. We were totally shattered and devastated.

"We started the next cycle as soon as possible, this time having ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) followed by blastocyst transfer (transfer of five-six day embryos). At five days, we had two blastocysts transferred. Sadly, the pregnancy that followed was non-viable.

Then a family friend of us told us about Dr Richika & India IVF clinic, where she first put me on two months off and I had a hysteroscopy (where a doctor examines the inside of the womb, using a small telescope inserted through the cervix), we started full cycle. We had ICSI again, resulting in three fertilised eggs and the transfer of two embryos.

"Two scans and many HCG level tests later, it was confirmed at six weeks and two days that there was a heartbeat! I am currently booked in for another scan when I will be eleven weeks and four days pregnant.

Sunita’s story   

After learning that we were faced with fertility issues in our home state of Lahore, Pakistan. we were devastated and at age 39, we did not have time to waste. Our situation was only made worse with re-occurring negative experiences with the seemingly un-empathetic, confusing, and doubtful doctors and medical staff at our local hospital. Thankfully we were fortunate enough to be put in contact with Dr. Richika by a family member and from the moment of our first phone call we received the absolute highest level of care, comfort, and support during such a challenging time. We first met with Dr. Richika on august 03, 2013. We were pregnant by mid-september after our first round of IVF with ICSI and our healthy baby was born . Words can’t express the gratitude we have for Dr. Richika and the staff at India IVF for giving us our miracle baby and for making the entire process a positive one. Our experience could not have been better. Everyone at India IVF fertility clinic was compassionate, honest, supportive, and knowledgeable; from the people at the front desk, to the nurses, to Dr. Richika herself. Most importantly, they all made us feel “normal” again. Every detail of every situation was well thought out – from a medical to an emotional standpoint there is never a box of tissues out of arms reach! We would definitely recommend visiting Dr. Richika and her team to anyone and everyone faced with fertility issues – even if you live outside of the India. It was so worth it! We will be back when it’s time to try for #2.”

Kauser’s story from Pakistan   

I am polycystic, with severe endometriosis and diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve at 30 years. When I got my diagnosis, I was devastated. Having a baby was all I could ever think about. I had alienated myself from everyone and everything I loved. I hated going to baby showers and tried to avoid them… I dreaded having to hear that someone else was expecting because even though I was happy for them… it wasn’t me! I felt so guilty for feeling that way too but it hurt so much. Nobody really understood what I was going through… “Give it time”… “Relax, it will happen”. But when you have a low ovarian reserve, you don’t have TIME. My only real chance of having a baby was IVF treatment. It didn’t matter that I would have to take daily injections, if it was going to get me my miracle; I was willing to try anything. After a cancelled cycle due to poor response, another failed cycle (negative pregnancy) and a chemical pregnancy after another IVF treatment; I seriously started considering adoption. Financially, emotionally and physically, I was drained. But I wasn’t ready to give up yet. My philosophy has always been NO regrets… I thought, if it didn’t work, at least I gave it my ALL. I was influenced by a friend to try India IVF Fertility Clinic instead this time. After my first cycle with them, on Diwali Eve, I was blessed with the most amazing Diwali present…. A positive pregnancy test! .This journey has taught me so much…I learned to appreciate the blessings I did have like supportive family and friends and to never take these things for granted… someone somewhere is probably praying for what you have. I think back on my experience and I want to share my story and I pray that it gives you hope… I know what it feels like to want something so bad and the despair that is felt with each negative pregnancy test. But I urge those suffering with infertility to keep the faith. There IS hope. I personally know many people who have had success with IVF and other fertility treatments. I think the struggle is best summed up in the adage “I don’t need easy, I just need possible”. You can overcome this, it Is possible!

Archana’s story   

DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! After 5 years of infertility we came to Dr. Richika with hopes of being blessed with a child. We had been through all of the tests and found no reason for the infertility. With the support of India IVF we started treatments and 3 1/2 years ago we were blessed with our child. After a year with our first child, we wanted more children. We had difficulties having a second baby and returned to Dr Richika for a second chance. And with the love, support and guidance of the India IVF team, we never gave up on our dreams! After our last attempt, the India IVF team had done it again, we were pregnant with TWINS! and everyday we look at them with amazement that our dreams of having a big family had come true! We are forever grateful for the India IVF team and could never thank all of you for helping us to achieve our dreams!”
Im not sure words can quite express how fantastic Dr. Richika Sahay is. Walking into an infertility clinic is intimidating. There are a lot of mixed feelings (whether rational or not) that go along with the experience everything from fear to embarrassment to hesitant hope. Not only was Dr. Richika extremely knowledgeable and proficient regarding the medical facets of infertility (which is a huge comfort in and of itself) but she was uncommonly kind and compassionate. She spoke to both my husband and I equally, addressing all of our questions and concerns and working hard to reinforce the idea that the three of us were a team. She approached all of our meetings with an arsenal of information, new ideas and research, and always a comforting attitude of purpose, aptitude and determination. She made us feel like more than just nameless, faceless patients, but friends whose struggle – and sense of comfort and well-being – was incredibly important to her. I never left the office without a renewed feeling of hope. Less than a year later, I am thrilled to say that I am almost 4 months pregnant. Though I am happy I was healthy enough to be released to a regular OB, it was with a heavy heart that I left India IVF Fertility clinic (the nurses, techs and staff are fabulous too!) and particularly, Dr. Richika. She has changed our life in so many ways. We will never be able to fully express our gratitude and love.”

Sujata’s Story   

"We always knew we would try again. We had about 6 frozen embryos, so I came off the Pill to get my cycle ready for the frozen embryos. It took months to get a regular cycle, which was really frustrating.
"On the day of the embryo transfer the hospital called and told us none of our frozen embryos had survived. I was devastated .
Then I searched the net a lot, then I found Dr Richika’s Facebook page and booked an appointment through it. She gave us lot of time and attention in explaining all the facts and procedures of IVF cycle, she was totally transparent in her approach with clarity of thoughts, thus we decided to start fresh treatment with her. This time I found the injections much easier . They sedated me for the embryo transfer as I had found it so painful the first time.
"Amazingly, IVF worked for us and I became pregnant with twins. At least we had all the gear!

  • "Be positive."
  • "Communicate and be honest with your partner – it is so important."
  • "Talk to people and find good people to work with."
  • "Results can be skewed by all sorts of things, so go and talk to the doctor yourself. Take their advice: if it means sacrifices like not drinking for a few months to increase your chances, just do it.
Soumya’s story   
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